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NOTE: Your webmaster will say silly things like "if you want it done right" or, "you get what you pay for" and they are correct, you should pay them for what they delivered. If they didn't deliver, then you owe them nothing which matches exactly what they have delivered. Also, we will do our best to match or exceed every feature they were supposed to build into your website to the best of our abilities.

See below, some of the functionality your site will have:

You can use your own domain name and..,
Uploading Pictures to Albums, with Slide Show capability
Uploading Videos, that playback fast and in HD.
Uploading Audio, that playback clearly
A Blog / Vlog, with RSS and eCommerce capability built in.
Automatic notifications for not only you but the members of your site (conversation tracking)
Custom forms and basic CRM
Calendar and Twitter functionality
Voting, Ratings and Comments capability for all you postings no matter what type.
5 Privacy Levels (actual privacy, so not even search spiders can read it)
Memberships (which will allow you to eMail all your members without paying for another service)
Search Optimization tools, without paying for an "SEO" firm.
Basic eCOMMERCE SHOPPING CART with PayPal, PayFlow, Authorize.Net and Converge / Elavon, merchant account support.
Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel support
& Much more!